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Sixt Basel Airport

While planning for a trip to a different country, one of the important requirements to make include transport arrangements. Prior travel arrangement enables one to be able to have ample time to plan their budgets and also review on the most suitable program for themselves. Booking of car hire and taxis can be done through the internet whereby most of the transport providers have created websites in order to be able to reach greater markets from all over the world. The Sixt car hire is one of the leading car hire providers operating in many countries in Europe. In Basel airport, the firm has its offices in the main terminal building of the airport. Its unique location enables for easy picking and returning of cars.

The Sixt car hire has a number of transport packages for its clients. The packages include hiring programs ideal for business people, tourists and for people who may have gone to Basel for other different purposes. The firm has fair pricing methods or all their services where by the average car hiring price is about 30 Euros per day. Hiring a car from the firm ensures that one is able to maximum on their time as occurrence of delays is minimal. Clients also get a chance to be able to experience maximum comfort and great tour experience in Basel.

The firm has a wide variety of cars depending on the client’s specifications. Among its luxury car brands they have Mercedes, Audi and Range Rover car brands. The pricing of the cars is usually higher than the other types and are usually common for the business class. Car with a large carrying capacity include wagons, vans and buses. These cars are ideal for families and other groups of people whereby their pricing is usually fair as compared to the services offered. All cars are fitted with navigation systems for providing directions but extra information on destination may also be got from the firm.

Hiring a car from the firm requires one to be a holder of a valid driving license and be of 21 years of age and above. Procedure for acquiring and returning the cars usually simplified where there is only little documentation which takes up a maximum of 25 minutes. All cars have insurance covers that cover both the car and client. The covers ensures that the client is compensated incase of any accident. The firm also has a 24 hour recovery system for rescuing the clients incase they experience any mechanical problems while using the cars.