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Avis Basel Airport

The great road network coupled with the large human traffic in Basel City has necessitated the need to establish efficient transport system in the city n specifically in the local international airport which receives close to ten million passengers every year. Among the common transport systems from the airport include trains, car hire and taxis among others. The train terminal is in the airport’s basement terminal while the taxis are situated along the arrivals terminals. The car hires are located in the main airport building. The different transport systems vary from each other in terms of cost and the nature of the comfort got. The car hires are the leading in terms of comfort and efficiency.

Avis Car Hire is one of the major car hire providers in the airport. The firm was started in 1970 and has been providing well maintained cars all over. The great experience has translated to great achievements in terms of return revenue and client confidence. The firm has most of its services such as car booking and payments conducted in their website. This helps clients to be able to place their reservations with much ease and also be able to adjust their travel budgets in advance. Information about the cars may also be got from the website.

Cars from the firm are usually well maintained with insurance covers that cover both the client and the car. Cars are also fitted with navigation systems for helping the clients to find their destinations and car tracking systems for easy recovery incase a car theft occurs. Using the services of the firm ensures that one is guaranteed of a great driving experience and security both of the car and of the client.

The firm has various classes of cars which range from luxurious cars, all terrain cars and even large carrying capacity cars. Luxury cars include Audi car brands and the Range Rovers. These cars come with great comfort ability and are usually common for the business class. The higher carrying capacity cars such as buses and vans are usually common among the tourists who like exploring Basel’s sites and other places. All terrain cars mainly include the Jeeps and are mainly used for the mountainous regions and the country sides where the road networks are not so good. Hiring cars from Avis Car Hire guarantees an equivalent measure of money in terms of the services extended to the clients. The firm is dedicated to continue providing its quality services to all its clients worldwide.