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Basel Airport Parking

Parking facilities for travelers in the airport is usually one of the key services of the airport. This is because of the fact that the airport receives a lot of travelers and hence a great human and car traffic. This facilitates the setting up of ample car parks such that no traveler is inconvenienced due to lack of parking space. There are more than 12,000 parking spots in the airport. About 9500 of the car parks are easily accessible by foot while the others are accessed through free shuttle arrangements by the airport officials. The car parks are opened all year round and are usually subdivided according to various specifications. The first classification is on special needs whereby there are parking areas for the disabled. The other classification is usually on class where by there are the VIP parking spots and the common parking for ordinary people.

The car parks are clearly designated for easy differentiation whereby there are boards showing the parking spots for the disabled, VIPs and the ordinary parking. The designation plays a great role in ensuring that there is minimal confusion or none at all. Additional parking services include free carwash but however this service is optional for only the travelers who want it.

There are development programs in the airport in a bid to increase the service provision of the parking system. The developments include the renovations of pavements, clear designation of the walking spaces for pedestrians and the setting up of instruction sign boards in the parking slots. Lighting in the parks will be improved in order to improve on the security feature. However all the car parks are greatly secured mainly by the patrols done by the airport police. The airport’s car parks are one of the most comfortable car parks across all Europe and hence travelers should be guaranteed of their safety and car security while in the car parks.