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Basel Tourist Attractions

Basel city is a great tourist destination with many attraction sites to visit .The city is bestowed with many high class sites such as museums built from great architectural designs. Most of the travel arrangements to visit the sites are arranged in the three common languages (Swiss language, German language and the French language.)Travelers n a mission of exploring the city are usually guided by airport guides who take them around the sites while at the same time equipping them with valuable information about the sites.

Basel city is located in the Rhine river valley whereby there are great scenic sites on the valley. The magnificent Rhine River is a great tourist attraction site due to its great ability to change the direction of its course such that it shifts from its initial Westerly direction and adopts a Northerly directional flow. The river is usually one of the key attraction sites around the airports that accounts for great human traffic in the airport. This is because of the fact that most of the travelers want to experience the thrilling experience every time they are visiting Basel. The city was initially a market setting but it has later developed to progress to being a great political religious and business centre. Much of the prosperity is usually because of the great human traffic in the airport who contributes extra revenue to the city which is then used in the development of the town.

Some of the great attraction sites around the airport include:

Museums-There are man museum round the airport and mainly in the main city .Kunstmuseum in Basel city is an exclusive museum that mainly has a collection of impressive arts mainly of the late 19th and early 20th century .The collections include the great collection of Picasso masterpieces in the museum. Paintings from some of the world’s main artists such as Hans Grin are found in the Museum.

Gegenwartskunst Museum is another Museum in the city whose location is in great proximity to the Kunstmuseum.The museum is mainly known in its great art collections fro all over the world. These two museum are a must visit destination for most of the world’s art lovers and artists. Kusthaus Museum is a museum in the Basel city which is found at a distance of about 15 minutes drive from the airport. The museum mainly stocks contemporary arts from all over the world. The museum also has an annual artist contest which attracts many young artists from the world. Reservations to the museum can be placed through their contact number +41 061 312 83 88.

Other attraction sites around the airport include the magnificient Basel Zoo which boosts of a great daily inflow of tourists who usually visit the zoo to see most of the animals in the whole of Switzerland .There is a monkey house in the zoo hat has professionally trained monkeys who are a great source of revenue due to the great attraction they cause to the zoo. This is because most visitors are fond of seeing the monkeys perform many tasks such as playing ball games among other acts.

Annual events in he Basel city include the Carnival festival that lasts for about three days. These feasts and events re key attraction feature as most people usually visit Basel City in order to be part of history making in the events carried out during the festivals. Basel city is also among most of the world’s leading cities in the ancient ornaments and jewelry. People travel all over the world in order to purchase ornaments and jewelry. Basel is an ideal tourist spot in the whole of Europe.