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Basel Airport

Basel Airport is an international airport located in the outskirts of Basel City. Its exact location is 6km Northwest of Basel, a city that is densely populated with about 830,000 people. The city serves as a major industrial centre with many industries especially the pharmaceutical industries. The international airport is shared by three countries: Switzerland, Germany and France. However, it is run by both France and Switzerland and operations are based on an agreement signed in 1949 by the countries on how to conduct its operations. The airport’s headquarters are in France and specifically in Blotzein city. The airport’s administration board is composed of 8 members from both Switzerland and France and an additional two German advisers. The main building is subdivided into France and Swiss sections. The construction of Basel airport was done in early 1930 even though it was temporarily stopped by the occurrence of the Second World War.

Local Transportation

Basel city has an efficient railway system that connects Basel airport to the main cities across Switzerland. The railway connection of the city is complex as it composes of Swiss, French and German rail networks. The network connection plays a great role in ensuring that the airport is well linked to the outside world such that its customers are able to get to Basel airport with a lot of ease. The connection is very crucial especially in the transit of goods. The establishment of the high speed railway line in 2008 gave a huge boost to the railway transport. Basel city has a good road network that stretches across the nation and links the other main cities in Germany and France. Some of the common roads include Johanniterbruckie road network that was built in 1967 in order to boost transportation around the city. The presence of commuter services to Basel Airport also plays a very great role in the harnessing of the transport system. The commuter service providers offer high quality services to all the airport customers.

Shops and restaurants

Basel airport is very resourceful in terms of hospitality as there are various cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels. The restaurants provide relaxation services to the travelers as well as special accommodations. The shops are mainly stocked with a variety of items but usually thee are only most of the common items in general shops. It is generally a very independent place as travelers do not have to shop for their requirements outside the airport as they are usually within the terminals.


There is a well organized luggage handling system whereby the safety deposit boxes are located near the bus terminals. The location of the deposit boxes near the terminals is a very key factor as it saves the travelers the trouble of having to carry their luggage along the corridors as this would be very tiresome.ach safety deposit box has a fixed rate of about 7 Euros. Incase any luggage is lost, there is a very efficient luggage recovery system whereby one only needs to provide their details to the management and free luggage recovery is done.


There is a business centre that is located in the main terminal building. This business centre mainly comprises of conference halls which have a maximum carrying capacity of about 1400 people. There are also small conference rooms ideal for meetings of two people up to a maximum of about 100 hundred.

Extra services

Basel airport management believes in equality for all and hence they have services for people with special needs such as the disabled. There are free transportation allowances for the disabled people and their luggage to the terminals or other spots within the airport. Porters to carry luggage may also be hired from the terminals to any other spots at Basel airport. The porters charge fairly.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
Time Zone:
GMT -1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
47° 36’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
7° 32’ 0" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website:


1,819m (5,969ft)
60m (197ft)
3,900m (12,795ft)
60m (197ft)