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Basel Airport Arrivals

Basel International Airport is in a key central location serving the three nations and therefore receives great human traffic on daily basis. Most of the airlines have the airport as one of their destinations. Getting to the airport premises is quite easy due to the fact that the bus terminal is located within the premises. The buses have a fixed travel timetable whereby buses leave from the airport to the various destinations after designated schedule duration. The frequency of travel of the buses is usually a time range of about twenty minutes.

The train system in Basel also has an underground basement terminal from where the travelers are able to board and disembark from the trains. The trains follow a set travel program whereby they depart the airport after every hour. The frequency in the travel schedules helps the travelers to be able to arrange their travel programs.

Access to the airport is also possible as there are many road links that connect the city with other cities. The airport has a 24 hour operation system and hence getting to the airport can be done at any time. The airport has an ample parking space with a vehicle capacity of about 9200 vehicles. Travelers who do not have organized transport services can also get to the airport by use of the taxi services. The airport authorities are usually concerned with the welfare of their travelers and hence there is a customer support base that mainly deals with handling the traveler’s complains. Getting to the airport by taxi from the main city usually takes about 20-25 minutes and the charges for the taxis are calculated on the distance covered.

Basel Airport is one of the largest airports across all Europe and therefore it is an all time operation centre with many plane activities such as landing from other parts of the world.