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Basel Airport Transfers & Taxis

Travelling around Basel city can be quite hectic for many passengers especially if one had not organized for their travel arrangements while leaving their home countries. However the services of he taxis usually come to the rescue as they are able to fix the transport hitches for most of the travelers. The taxi base at the airport is usually at the arrival’s terminal, a key location for their location and positive identification by the passengers. The taxis offer transportation services to many locations and destinations including the accommodation hotels. The taxis have boards on the roofs that are written the word TAXI in bold letters for easy identification. The drivers of the taxis are usually equipped with quality information about the various destinations and attraction sites in Basel. It is however of great importance for one to ensure that they organize their travel arrangements in advance to avoid last minute rush.

Travelling in groups using the taxis is usually very economical as the group members are able to share the transport costs among themselves thereby reducing instances of economic burden to a particular person. The taxis are usually very efficient as they are able to get their clients to the airports at least one hour before the flight’s departure time. The big time allowance is usually allocated such that incase of any inconveniences, the passengers do not miss their flights. Arriving at the airport earlier allows the passengers to be able to clear with the airport officials in time and also ensure secure documentation of their luggage to avoid any possible loss.

The taxis are fitted with taximeters that are used in the calculation of the costs to be paid. Calculations are usually based on the total miles covered. However the average cost from the airport to the main city is usually about 45Euros.The charges are usually fixed and hence the travelers can be able to average their transportation costs while making their travel budgets. Passengers are advised to take the licensed taxis while travelling as opposed to the general axis which may be run by criminals. The registered taxis are usually identifiable through their yellow lines on the car’s body. The taxi drivers have a good mastery of the Basel region and hence the travelers do not have to mind as the taxis will deliver them at the doorsteps of their destinations. Travelling in taxis is usually more advantageous as compared to shuttles and buses.