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Alamo Basel Airport

Flying to Basel City through the Basel International Airport is usually a great opportunity to experience a lifetime feeling of comfort and desire. However this experience can not be complete if there is no organized transport system of the visitor. Planning for the transport arrangement in advance enables one to avoid the last minute rush which can result to disruption of the travel program. Online booking of transport mean is usually the best method to ensure that one has a reliable travel program by the time they get to their desired country. There are many forms of transport systems in airports but the main one is usually car hire.

One of the largest car hire firm in Basel is Alamo car hire. The car hire firm has been in existence for a long period whereby it has transformed the car hire industry by providing well maintained cars at a cheaper cost than any other firm. Alamo car hire has the best car deals for all types of cars in Basel airport. Booking for the cars is usually done at the firm’s website whereby clients view the available cars and then place reservations for the chosen car. Payment of the car is then made in form of Euros. While collecting the car from the airport, clients need to be above 21 years of age and also be holders of legal driving licenses.

Hiring a car from the firm guarantees one that they will be able to get quality services like well maintained cars. The firm goes an extra step to ensure that their cars are covered by insurance covers in order to be able to cover the client and the car incase an accident occurs. The firm also has a 24 hour client support program whereby they mainly aim at helping their clients out incase there are mechanical problems. Hiring a car with the firm enables one to experience the pleasure of driving their cars especially the luxury cars which are usually of high brands such as Mercedes Benzes. All the cars come with inbuilt navigation systems for directing the travelers on their way around the city. Cars also have a full fuel tank and the firm is known to offer great offers especially discounts. The firm has also made partnerships with some airlines whereby passengers who fly in those airlines are offered more discounts by the firm. This move is mainly an advertising move in order to encourage people to fly in specific airlines.