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Hertz Basel Airport

Visiting Basel city can not be complete if the visitor does not get the chance to go round the city and Switzerland in general. There are many transport systems in Basel stretching from the train transport commuter buses, taxis and car hire services .The choice of the transport mode is mainly determined by the amount of money that one has planned for their transport expenses. However car hires are the dominant transport systems due to the fact that create flexibility and comfort to all their clients. Hertz Car Hire is one of the car hire providers in the airport. The car hires are found at basement of the terminal building in the airport.

Hertz Car Hire has had a lot of experience in the hiring industry whereby its prosperity has been brought about by the provision of quality services and well maintained cars. The firm has an employee base of more than 6200 most of who are found in the field operations. This is because most of the firm’s operations are computerized and operated on their website. Car booking and reservations are made in the website where by potential clients place their reservations and make their payments via the website. Information about the car types is also got from the websites where clients are able to search for the cars and decide on the one to hire.

Hiring a car from the firm requires fulfillment of the set conditions. The conditions include a minimum age requirement of 21 years and the possession of a legal driver’s license. The firm has differentiating services such as child seats and special cars designed with hand controls which are used by the disabled drivers. The firm has a customer support unit that offers assistance to the clients at any time of the day or night. The cars are fitted with navigation guides for locating places and also for getting directions around the city.

The firm charges among the lowest rates in the industry but however the charges vary according to the choice of the car settled on. Luxury cars such as Mercedes Benzes usually have the highest costs followed by the group cars such as buses and finally the ordinary cars whose pricing is usually very fair. All cars are well maintained in order to give the client a chance for maximum comfort and efficiency through out their trips. Hertz car hire is the ideal travelling partner in Basel.