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Europcar Basel Airport

Transportation services for most foreigners visiting a new country ids usually one of the basic needs of any travel plan. Choosing your favorite travel partner enables one to be able to enjoy their travelling experiences and also helps to avoid time wastage due to the inconveniences of other transport systems such as buses. Hiring a car helps the visitor to be able to maintain flexible travel plan during their visit as they have the cars at their disposal. Settling on Europcar as your ultimate travel partner is basically the smartest decision that can be made by any visitor in Basel. This is because of the fact that Europcar has the most flexible car charges in the industry and they offer quality services for the visitor’s money.

The firm stocks all recent car models and ensures that their cars are maintained in good and clean condition. The firm offers travel plans allover Basel City and even in other places outside the main city. Renting a car from the firm is usually done through their website whereby the visitors need to follow three simple procedural steps. The first step involves browsing the website in order to choose the car that perfectly fits the client’s needs. After the car choice is made, the client then proceeds on to place their reservations with the firm. After successfully placing the reservation, the client then transfers money for the car to the firm.

Europcar car hire firm is the leading car hire firm in the airport with evidence being provided with the fact that the firm was recently awarded with the environmental certification program .The firm has various types of cars which vary from their carrying capacity, hiring charges and the model and purpose of the car. For families and groups who would like to use the firm’s services, there are large capacity cars such as buses and vans. This class of cars is usually chauffeured and at times there may be the inclusion of tour guides to provide information to the visitors.

There are also luxury cars in the firm which are mainly for class differentiation and for maximum luxury. The pricing of these cars is usually high as the charges may go up to 50 Euros per day. Cars are hired with an initial fuel full tank which saves money for the travelers as most of the do not need to refuel their cars especially if they are hiring the cars on a short-term period. Returning the cars to the firm is usually a short procedure that lasts about 15-20 minutes.